About Tattoo Artist

Me and Tattoos

Art, and especially drawing and painting have been my passions ever since childhood. In 1993 some friends asked me to design their tattoos and soon after that I was flooded with requests for more designs. One of the artists who tattooed my designs suggested I start tattooing myself. Around that time I saw a Japanese cult movie "Irezumi" and tattooing, as an art form, started to really fascinate me. So I said to myself: Why not? What a great idea! I started tattooing professionally in the summer of 1994.

Practically all the tattoos I do are custom designed and I work in all styles, from tribal to realism and anything in between. To see my work, you can quickly browse the tattoos by categories (somewhat loosely arranged), or you can view them in a lightbox (LB) gallery which is just one selection of images in higher resolution.

Tattoo Artist Zuzana Roth, Uster, Kanton Zürich