Tattoo Studio

The studio is located in Uster. Since 1994 I had a studio on Poststrasse 1, but in 2005 I relocated to Neuwiesenstrasse 6. The entrance is from Asylstrasse with customer parking in front and it is still only a 3 minutes walk from the train station. My idea of a studio is to provide relaxed atmosphere for the customers whilst giving them safe, professional service.

TbZ - Tattoo Studio in Uster, Kanton Zürich, Switzerland 02 All materials used in the application of a tattoo are either single use or autoclave sterilized.

The price of a tattoo depends on the size and complexity of the design. Consultations are free and you can always call for advice. A deposit is required before I start working on the design. I work by appointment. Please phone first.

Tbz - Tattoo Studio in Uster, Kanton Zürich, Switzerland 01

For more photos of the studio you can click here.